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“The story of stuff” is a really great video and it is carrying interesting and important information about extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal.

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I must admit that we do have too much unnecessary stuff which we throw away in enough short period of time.

I have read and was amazed by people’s words about something like “I feel guilty about buying so many new things…., I will try or I will not buy new ones….”….But I think that this is not truth to the end….and I guess that saying so it is a little bit cynic…People are not all altruists, and those who have money, they will keep buying what they want because they got used to do this for years and they would not want to change their lifestyle. I don’t want to offend anyone, I respect every opinion and now I just try to express my feelings towards the situation. All people, by their nature, are egoists, more or less, and they usually think about their own interests and only then about surroundings. And this is greatly proved by Gregory S. Kavka: “1) Most people are capable of making sacrifices on behalf of others, though usually the sacrifices are small compared with the gains for others. 2) Only a small number of people are regularly more altruistic than self-interested. 3) Most people occasionally allow altruism to override self-interest. 4) When altruism overrides self-seeking, it is usually on behalf of a small number of people, such as friends, family, and groups to whom one feels a special devotion. 5) People tend to become more altruistic after they reach (what they believe to be) a secure level of well-being.”

Concerning extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal – we should not stop consumerism and buying things, we just should change the attitude towards the situation in whole, and by doing this we’ll follow the Golden Mean. The decision is to provide and support the development of Green Chemistry, Zero Waste, Closed Loop Production, Renewable Energy and Local living Economies. All this will minimize or almost reduce the pollution of the environment, air, waters, flora and fauna. And it’s not unrealistic or idealistic, this can be realized, not easily but it can be realized. Due to the changes, environment and n-number of lives will be saved.

I didn’t like the phrase from the video “if you don’t own or buy a lot of stuff, you don’t have value”. I understand that we are living during the century of brainwashing but this doesn’t mean that everybody is following this. There are many “classical” people who don’t follow the fashion and they just don’t care what is fashionable or trendy. So, I am sure that the value is not in the stuff you buy, its price or quality, the value in person, his moral behavior and attitudes towards life, people, things.

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