Violence on TV

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If the adult person can critically value all the TV-production and separate the virtual reality from real reality, the children (because of the absence of full consciousness of the reality borders) perceive all the events which are happening in front of their eyes as the real. Murder and violence don’t stir up their feelings of fear or disgust because in the result of habit to such TV programs, viewed on the screen becomes not only real for children but also natural.

Child often perceives these TV programs as a plan for imitation in the real life and the criminal style of thinking is gradually formed. If you were offended – you must kick back and annihilate the offender, and if you understand that you cannot reach something by the way of the legal methods – then it is not so bad to exceed a limit; if you are rich and strong – the law is not written for you. And as a result we have a habit to these plots, formation of conceptions that the main way of the majority of the problems is violent.

Especially it is dangerous to show the films with the scenes of violence or lechery and also aggressive cartoons for small children. For example, when 2-year-old children watched the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, after that, they began fighting by the small chairs which were in the room, trying to cope the cartoon heroes. And some children can take a hammer or a knife as the heroes of cartoons do and can strike other children or even adult. Four-year-old child began to box his relatives after watching “Matrix” because he saw that “good” Neo was fighting with “bad guys” for a long time.
The researchers found out that children who made a crime mutilating other children during the game, they generally don’t understand what does the pain of a living creature mean and what does the empathy mean. Because they cannot put themselves at the place of that child whom was damaged, because their parents didn’t teach them how to behave and as for the cartoons – they showed the contrary side – how it is “cool” to hurt other creature or human being as it is showed in “Tom and Jerry”.

Unfortunately, the significant part of the foreign cartoons are full of aggressive or immoral scenes: different Pokémons and cyborgs which all the time are destroying each other.
That’s why such cartoons are forbidden to show to children. And what we have – even special channel which a full with a such production and it is transmitted almost every day.

And you can also see the results in real life.

Barcelona. Three teenagers decided to repeat the trick which they saw watching the TV and very late in the evening they stretched the plastic cord across the street and were watching when it cut the throat of the riding motorcyclist.

London. Two 6-year-old boys destroyed completely the house of their neighbor to repeat the TV program and to gain the award. In the children’s program it was proposed in the most original way to destroy a built in a TV studio house.

Oslo. Group of 5-6-year-old children was playing in “turtles-ninja” and killed one of the girls.

Valencia. 20-year-old man, being dressed as a “turtle-ninja” got into the neighbor house and slaughtered spouses and their daughter.

And day by day such cases are becoming often as for the sake of entertainment and profit the television companies often neglect the moral norms and cross the allowed borders. There was such a case in the USA. In the morning 1998 May 1, the majority of the American TV companies stopped the broadcasting of the children’s programs and during the live broadcast it was showed the suicide of some man from Los Angeles who has known that he’s got AIDS. And the majority of children had to watch when this man was running with the gun threatening to other people, and then he fired into his head poured the part of the street by his own blood. Sometime later the television companies apologized to parents but this didn’t change the situation and the consequences can be seen today when almost monthly we can hear the news that some schoolchildren or a student killed his classmates or teachers or just unknown people because they got a bad mark or they were offended by somebody, and in a such way, they pay off for the offence.

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