Violence in the life of your child

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Usually, parents don’t have enough time to spend it with their children because they are working too hard and they are busy very much. But, from my own experience, I have said to myself “stop, what are you doing? What will you do if your son performs a crime? If he kills somebody?” And during such minutes when I’m asking myself such questions, I understand that we, parents, first of all, should think about children, not about making money. Yes, making money is absolutely necessary to growing up our children, but it can be too late…

I am sure we must work with our children about their language development, development of their skills.

Very often I have a desire just to throw out of the window the TV set and PC. And sometimes I practice such a thing (maybe it is too cruel and very strict but I do this). When I see that Dima (my son) is spending too much time near the PC, I just took PC and take it to my friends’ house for some time. Is this right? I guess yes. And during the time when PC is not at home, my son is really good and obedient boy, he helps me about the house, he helps me with taking care about his younger brother and younger sister, he is great and really helpful. But when PC is at home again, I notice that my child is changed, he becomes a little rude, not obedient, he doesn’t see anything around him, and he can even push me when I try to talk with him about his studying at school. Well, this is a bitter reality.

Of course, I’m trying to be a good decent mother for my children but sometimes it is too hard, as my children don’t have a father and maybe if he was with us, our life was absolutely different and our children were different, but who knows what is better who is better?

I can conclude that television and video games (even the most bloody and cruel) cannot make a child cruel and stick him a violent behavior because everything depends on the atmosphere in family and conditions in which the child was growing. Some shadow of violence…yes, maybe but not absolutely violent kid.

We can see the straight hints of the authors of the articles and we must make the necessary conclusions. Parents should pay a huge attention to our children’s development and this development must happen not through watching TV for long hours and playing video games. This is for sure. Parents should not prohibit watching TV and playing games, parents just need to make certain restrictions for a good cause of our children. Parents should involve their children in the world of beauty – different arts, nature, and sports. Parents should promote to the children’s development and take part in this too. When a child is not alone, when a child feels the support of parents, he will “remove mountains”. I have seen this in my own life with my own children. I am sure everything depends on parents and their attitude towards their children’s development and life in general.

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