Violence in the life of your child

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After reading the articles I have made a conclusion which was made by me many times before and this is not news for me at all. Television is a great achievement of the humankind but it really prevents children’s development.

I told many times to my son “it is better for you to go and read an interesting book than sitting in front of TV or playing some terrible games”. But his answer was “mom, you don’t understand, this is cool and interesting for me”.

Well, what can I say here? I must admit that this is our, parents’ fault (very often; and PS: I’m talking here not about all parents) that our children are spending long hours near TV set or computers. Parents should spend more time with their children and try to involve them into various activities and it is desirable that these activities were not inside the house. And in addition, if we want to spend more time with children, we should read books together, we should talk with them more, we should discuss serious world problems, and we should play developing games – all members of the family together.

Concerning the violence…according to the given articles and to many other articles, television and games are really developing violence in our children, they really contribute to negative behavior of our children.

The articles state that because of spending long hours near the TV sets and PCs, our children begin to degrade, they are lack of the necessary knowledge in reading and writing, our children’s vocabulary is too poor and it cannot be developed with the help of the TV programs. Well, they learn some words but not of the normalized speech, but some slang and maybe dialects. Children should learn their native language without any “dirty” spots. They must be educated and receive the proper knowledge in writing and reading and also in communication with adults. Mass media will not be able to give all this to our children, it litters their speech and minds and, of course, this is not good for them and their future. We want our society be educated and developed and how can this happen if we have uneducated children who are our future?

It is really sad to say so but very often it is a real truth. And it is not true when some parents say “we just cannot do anything anymore; we just have done everything what we could”. No, this is not true, we can and we must do our best to develop the brains of our children.

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