The reasons for the prejudices

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Reason 4. Fear.

It’s possible that in the sphere of health the stable delusions are flourishing the most of all. The instinct of self-preservation lies in the base of fear for the health. That’s why every person needs to aim to avoid pain and hope for the miraculous recovery.

For example, there is a point of view that curing with the help of herbs – is safe and pleasant. This is not some type of “chemicals” which can cause the illnesses of liver and kidneys. All natural is rich for vitamins and minerals… However it is enough to remember such “harmless” plants as help or spurge flax to doubt in this statement.

Spreading of the myth about miraculous characteristics of almost all existing plants is very profitable both for numerous national healers and for the patients who don’t want to suffer from the injections and spend money for the qualitative medicines.

Reason 5. Absence of the reliable information.

Person, not always, was disposing by the possibilities to check up the facts. For the time being, the people were seriously thinking that the Earth is flat like a pancake and it is set at three whales. And when you are coming closer to the edge of the Earth, there is a real possibility to sit down there with the legs dangling. From that time when the objective proof appeared that the Erath is round, the version about three whales automatically became the prejudice.

However, till the present days, there are more ancient and viable prejudices. For example, the version that the woman is the creature which is shady and she uses the support of the dark forces, this version appeared because of the fact of her “menstruation”. As they thought at that times, a person couldn’t bleed, with impunity, for several days and not die from the loss of blood. And it meant that the devil was involved in this. The fruit of this prejudice we are reaping as a harvest till the present days – for example, the women are forbidden to visit church during the days of menstruation.

At the end of the day, it is very difficult to fight with the prejudices. And especially with somebody else’s.

You can accept and follow them or you just can think over in details and you’ll understand that prejudice is nothing else but a fairy-tale.

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