The reasons for the prejudices

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What are the main reasons for the prejudices? There are many of them but let’s mention some of them.

Reason 1. You are lazy to think independently.

The sleep of the mind, as it is known, never does good. But there is minority of those who are not lazy to think. For example, there is a belief among the certain type of ecstatic women that the more impressive the man’s nose, the bigger his “manhood”.

They would better read medical books or just think: what does the prominent women’s honker witness? Moreover, the size has a very mediated meaning.

Reason 2. Snobbery.

The habit to consider yourself better than the certain social group also can give perfect shoots in the shape of ineradicable prejudices. This is the snobbish approach to the certain people, more often unknown people. To leave these snobbish stereotypes it is only possible with the help of the single way: if the destiny reunites you with the representative of that group of people which you desperately despise.

Reason 3. The efforts of the marketing specialists and mass media.

One more of the generators of all possible prejudices – the producers of the production of the mass consumption and marketing specialists. All these slogans like: “You deserve this!” and “For those who understand!” – set up certain system of the material values. Belonging to every social layer is characterizing a certain set of things. The top manager cannot let himself using subway or eat yogurt for lunch from the can. He is obliged, for long hours, languish in the traffic jams and burn out the mucous membrane of the stomach by the spicy sauces in the expensive restaurant.

It is profitable for the producers to have a statement in the society that the quality thing is obligatory must be expensive. To look worthy at this vanity fair, it is often necessary to balance choosing between your own tastes and social pressing. But even for the most stable nonconformists, the firms-producers find their arguments, convincing them that only exclusive things and VIP-proposals are able to make them happy.

It is possible to resist these prejudices only realizing that they are relative and changeable.

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