The main idea and goals of cloning

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The main goal of the medicine defining the current of the biomedical theory and practice is the release of mankind from the suffering. Medical genetics helps to diagnose and prevent the various number of the genetic illnesses – disturbance of metabolism (phenylketonuria), illnesses of blood (thalassemia, sickle-cell disease, haemophilia).

The development of the medically-genetic methods of diagnostics and medical treatment can assist in prevention of such illnesses and alleviation of suffering of many people.

However, artificial “improvement” of the human race must not be the goal of the genetic interference. As the goal of the medical genetics is the care about concrete people, concrete families.
And, genetic identification and genetic testing (creation of the “genetic passport”) must be realized only at base of respect of the personal freedom. As the holding the information about hereditary predisposition to grave illnesses can become the overwhelming soul burden. And besides this, there is a danger of the malusage by the genetic data and this data can serve to different forms of discrimination.

The technologies of interference into the reproductive functions of a person connected with the destinies of the future generations, cannot be realized without ethical comprehension and legislative regulation. Because genetic therapy of the generative cells is extremely dangerous because it is connected with the changing of the genome in the set of generations and this can entail unpredictable consequences like new mutations and destabilization of the balance between human community and environment.

The idea of the human cloning is the reproduction of the independent organism from the single somatic cell which is genetically identical to donor and it is absolutely unacceptable. Its practical realization will destroy the natural fundamentals of the social relations, it will call catastrophic change of world-view guidelines to the side of the further life devaluation of every separate person, it will create the threat to the human dignity, uniqueness and personal inviolability, making human heredity defenseless in front of outside interference.

And as for the cloning of the isolated cells and tissues of the living organisms, and as for the usage of the whole set of the modern molecular-genetic methods, so there cannot be any objections against these technologies because they don’t violate the sovereignty of the human personality and they are useful in the scientific-researching works, medical and agricultural practices.

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