The influence of the TV at the child’s psyche

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There is a TV set in every house. In one families it works almost 24 hours a day, and in other families – 1-2 hours a day. Somebody turns it on for the background noise and somebody watches into the blue screen without doing anything else. However if your child is spending near the TV the greatest part of his/her time – this is the serious problem to think about.

How long is it allowed to watch TV? And now does it influence at the child’s psyche? Why is it harmful to watch TV? Of course, television is a great achievement of the human mind. And on the screen a person can look at everything that he cannot see in real life – other countries, ballet and plays which are now in the big theatres of the other cities. But, unfortunately, the harm of the television nowadays cannot be denied. Gradually, it turns into the school of lust. And the greatest influence it has at the adolescents and children as an adult can understand that not everything which was seen in the films and shows is a norm. So, the scenes of the violence are leading to the fact that a person gets used step-by-step to the depreciation of life: different actions films and thriller are teaching that a man can be killed really easy. The adolescents watching the blood scenes lose the fear in front of death and they consider that life can be easily aborted. Probably, exactly from here there appear the often cases of the suicides. Another not pleasant moment is the falling of the morality and culture. From the lips of narrators the notion of love towards woman, towards mother, towards motherland is mixed with the phrase “to make love”. The presence of wife’s lover is shown in different series as the normal notion.

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