The influence of television at children’s lives

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It is important that a child doesn’t have an opportunity to watch horror films, violence and sex. Modern techniques allow programming our TV set in such a way that the certain programs will not be available for a child.

It is necessary to try to choose such films and cartoons which can not only entertain a child but also teach something good. There are so many cartoons which cannot teach anything good – it is not good to laugh at somebody who feels pain, or that the heroes are constantly beating each other, or that the single way for solving the problem is the violence. But all the same, these cartoons are showed on the TV and parents are allowing their children to watch them.

The scientists determined that the influence of the television on the child depends on the family’s attitude towards this child. Children who are loved and with whom their parents are communicating a lot and who are spending really a lot of time or watching TV with their children together, the scenes of the violence have not so big influence as the children in less successful families.

German scientist Peter Schtruk considers that till the 3-year-old age a child should better not watch TV at all. Between three and six years it is allowed to watch TV 30 minutes a day. And between 6 and 10 – 1 hour, from 10 to 14 years old maximum 2 hours. Probably, these are strict recommendations and in conditions when in our houses a TV set in the evening is practically not turned off, it would be very difficult to follow such recommendations. But all the same people should take into consideration the fact that long sittings near the TV will not be to our children’s good.

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