The influence of television at children’s lives

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Especially not those films are dangerous where there the scenes of the violence (although their influence is also negative), but documentary films (TV programs, news) where it is shown the real violence. Also such items are negatively influencing children of the senior ages.

There is one more additional danger of the television – too quick interchange of the information, which is sent by mass-media, jumping from one program to another – all this makes harm to the process of the world’s discovering because this all needs time and understanding of the received information.

Children of the preschool age are in a less degree subjected to the television’s influence because they are enough rare preoccupied with the television picture, moreover that a long watching of the programs for children of this age is too tiresome. Besides, different games make the successful competition to the television in this age.

So, is television is good or evil? It is good if watching programs is dosed and the level of TV programs is enough high. It seems that it is pointless to talk about today’s level of the TV programs. So we have only to hope that the parents will have enough patience, flexibility and creativity to prevent the situation when the child is getting into dependence from television. We are talking here about patience, flexibility and creativity because it pointless to prohibit to watch TV to children. Television can be assessed in many ways but you will not be able to get out of that this is the integral part of life of the modern person. And if children cannot watch television, they will feel themselves defective in comparison with their peers. Besides, any violent act (prohibition to watch TV can be considered as the violent act) is leading to the resistance, and this resistance will be more defective. In such case the prohibition can lead to the case when the child watches TV days and night because of the feeling of contradiction.

It is very important for parents to understand what do they want more – the comfort for the themselves or the physical and soul health for their child. If they want their comfort – then, of course, it is easier to do so – turn on TV set to your child and do your things or just have a rest. But those who really care about their children, they should remember that TV set is the single and far not main means of the entertainment. There are also many games, walk in the parks, doing physical exercises and different kinds of arts – all this is much useful than a simple sitting near the TV set.

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