The influence of television at children’s lives

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As the American specialists state, in the USA the average parent is distinctly talking with his child only 38 minutes a week, and every average child for this period spends 23 hours near the TV set. And it was discovered at the same time that for the last 10 years American children have more gained weight – the number of those whose weight is exceeding the norm, has raised for one third.

Japanese pediatrician Sueko Ito (who is 81 years old) watching after the behavior and state of health of his four grandchildren, made a conclusion that television is very dangerous or the child’s organism. In the number of pernicious consequences of immoderate passion for television Ito is marking out not only “pollution of mind” but also the worsening of eyesight, the illnesses of joints, obesity, and the rise of the blood pressure. And vice versa, simple talks and communication in the family are favorably changing the psychological climate and strengthening the nervous system of children, making them even-tempered and calm.

The cartoons-comics where the heroes are getting falling from a very huge height and get up as if nothing has happened or they were flattened out upon the wall and they became flat, and after that they came back to the normal state, according to the point of views to many specialists, is leading to that children are losing their feeling of the reality. There are also even such suppositions that children who are jumping out from the window being on a big height, they think in such a way: “I’ll jump down and then I’ll stand up and run home. And my mom will see that I’m not there and will be really afraid, and when I come back home, she will be very glad and will give me a present”.

It was also stated that small children farther are subjected to the negative influence of the shown scenes of violence in TV than those children who understand the difference between the film and reality.

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