Sleeping together or not

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When a baby is sleeping separately (even if in the same room with parents), a mother must get up and go to the baby’s bed. Constant wake ups and necessity to take a baby to her place at the time of the next night feeding, and then taking him back to his baby-bed, are draining and don’t give the opportunity to have a rest properly. If a baby is sleeping in the parents’ bed, the number of wake ups of mother will not become less but this will give the opportunity one more time to take a nap and use the additional minutes of sleep.

The advocates of the opposite point of view consider that a baby must sleep separately from the first days of life. Let this happen in the same room but in his own bed or crib. A baby must know that he has his own place where (he wants this or not) he all the same will appear during the sleep. Exactly by such strict way in future it is possible to avoid many inconveniences.

Just let’s think in such a way…A baby who get used to sleep with mother, can perceive some unexpected changes very painfully. A constant crying before sleep, often night wake ups, a baby does not have a good sleep and during the day he is very capricious, he becomes irritable and he is quickly overtired. Often it is very difficult for parents to avoid such difficulties and quickly train their baby to sleep in his own bed.

The habit to sleep together with mother is forming very quickly but getting rid of it is not so simple. Sometimes there appears such situation when it is time for a baby to sleep but he is resisting this in every possible way. A baby doesn’t want to sleep without mother or he is afraid to be in a wrong bed…So, he, as before, is sharing his parents’ bed and sometimes such happens that the father should leave the bed and move, for example, to the next room. And there are such cases that a baby get used to sleep only with mother and a husband had to live in the next room for three years.

But sometimes it happens vice versa. In those families where the relationship between wife and husband leaves much to be desired, the co-sleeping with a baby is the ideal variant for a woman. Only staying with her baby, she can compensate the lack of love and tenderness from the side of husband. A baby sleeping by her side is the salvation from loneliness and superfluous worries.

So, it is necessary to solve this problem. In any case, it is necessary not to forget that a baby needs special conditions. He needs safe, comfortable and proper sleep. It is necessary to take care about this. And it is also necessary to remember about the hygiene – to change furnishing in time and make the bed for a baby with clean diaper. It is also important for air the room, avoid draughts and not setting the baby-bed near the window or the heaters. And if the baby is sleeping in the other room, it is necessary not to close the door to be able to hear a baby in time or use the advantages of the special sound facilities.

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