Sleeping together or not

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How should a newborn sleep – with mother or separately?

Everybody knows very well how a healthy and strong sleep is important for a person. And so what shall we say about a newborn baby who is 14-18 hours a day in this state? A baby is sleeping and growing…A baby can smile, whimper, wake up and weep, and during this time there are many questions in mother’s head.

How is it possible to make a child’s sleep as much comfortable as possible? What place for sleeping is considered to be the most comfortable and proper for a child? Does this or that bassinet fit a baby? Is joint staying in the bad with parents to baby’s good?

One parents consider that a baby certainly should sleep together with parents. Somebody is afraid that at night, he will not hear a baby when he got up. Other parents consider that for a newborn baby sleeping together is the best variant. The second fundamental position is in that a baby initially must have his own sleeping place.
Every from these points of view, undoubtedly, has a right for existence. But both of them have their own plusses and minuses. What are they? So, let’s explain them now.

According to the specialists’ point of view co-sleeping of mother and a baby hides a unique feature in itself: it stimulates the optimal production of milk. The consulting physicians in breast feeding are even often recommending those mothers who have difficulties with the lactation, to sleep with a baby. A baby is feeling calmer and mother can solve her problems which are correlated with not enough quantity of milk. It is considered that the hormone prolactin which is responsible for this important process is produced in night hours. Exactly that’s why timely takings to the breast of the sniffing baby help mother to provide herself milk for the next morning. It appears that sleeping together is pleasant and useful.

Before a baby falls asleep, he must feel himself calm and safe. A baby is hold by mother, is rocked slightly by mother, is stroked by mother, is lulled by mother….But even the most often and gentle touches which a baby receives from beloved mother during the time of wakefulness, is all the same not enough. And co-sleeping is compensating these problems. Tactile stimulation is providing a rigorous development of the nervous system of a baby. A baby is feeling calm and comfortable and does he need for the full happiness in this age?

Besides, when a baby is sleeping by mother’s side, she can better and in proper time control his every movement. There are some women who have a very deep sleep and it is very difficult for them to wake up when a baby begin to cry. They just don’t hear anything. So, they had to take babies to co-sleep with them. And in some time the problem was solved…

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