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When people talk about children’s sleeping separately, they are talking here, for some reason, about SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome. There is such a tendency that many children were falling asleep and never wake up. The scientists call this phenomenon SIDS. The number of the cases of the sudden infant death was rising and the scientists don’t know the reason for this notion till nowadays. Hypothetically, the reason for this notion can be interaction of the physiological peculiarities of the given baby in aggregate with the stressors in the environment, like, for example, mother’s smoking, feeding with the artificial mixtures and mother’s sleeping at the belly. The opinion letter about the death from SIDS can be given only after dissection and full toxicological analysis when all other possible reasons of the death are excluded. Nowadays, SIDS is a diagnosis which is set up with the help of the method of exclusion of two other reasons of death.

In 1963 in western countries, when the sudden infant death without evident reasons was described as a new and independent diagnosis (SIDS), the mortality from SIDS was 2-3 babies for 1000 live-born babies. SIDS appeared in the western countries at the same time with the earlier not known innovations in the care about the children: feeding the milk cow or artificial mixture, continuous uninterrupted sleep of a baby and the practice of placing babies to sleep in the separate room absolutely alone and without parents’ superintendence. Besides this, many women began to smoke, more and more, during and after the pregnancy. And all this has led to the real epidemic of SIDS on the west.

For comparison, in the majority of the Asian cultures parents usually are sleeping with children, children are fed by breast milk and women almost don’t smoke. SIDS happens extremely rare and nobody heard about unexplained death of infants. The tradition of placing a baby alone to sleep in a separate room occurred apr. 100 years ago and only in the industrial western countries. The cultural western values are independence and individualism promoted to the advocacy of the ideology that small children must sleep without parents. The idea was in that a single sleep is obligatory leading to the fact that the baby will grow up being calm, very confident, independent and independently adult and without any problems with sleep. Such conclusions were made without any scientific researches and proofs.

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