Selling medical information

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Well, for selling… but did you think what is the main purpose of this selling? Just for having fun or just for receiving money? I don’t think so…Well, selling this data without people’s agreement is not so good but at this moment it is necessary to think that this sold data will bring many new discoveries for the future of people, for the future generation, and it can be even said – for the well-being of the nation or nations.

Some people just don’t understand the importance of the genetics’ development and the research studies and examinations in this sphere.

“You should not open Pandora’s box if there is no confidence in that it can be closed. Otherwise, we are having risk to destroy the whole world because of our wrong application, not understanding and temptation by the biotechnology”, said N. Fujiki, the Japanese specialist in the sphere of genetic consultations.

The struggle against thoughtless interference into the human nature is not a blind opposition of obscurants to the research’ freedom, this is a struggle for mature, responsible attitude towards our possibilities, for the right of a person not to become a prisoner of the faceless progress, for the right of a child to be not an object but subject, for the dignity and freedom of the human personality.

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