Pregnancy – old wives tales and superstitions, prejudices.

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13. Rocking a baby to sleep. If you rock to a sleep a crying baby not in hands but in cradle and especially by the leg, a baby will be thrown from one misfortune into another.

A prejudice. Rocking a baby to sleep is a perfect calming for a baby which will in addition help to develop the vestibular apparatus.

14. Photographing. It is forbidden to draw or take pictures of a pregnant woman; otherwise the development of a baby will stop like the image on the picture.

This is superstition which is absolutely without a grain of truth. Vice versa, it is necessary to take pics of a pregnant woman and to draw her because during this period of life she is especially beautiful! It is necessary to remember that there are fewer chances to take pics of a pregnant woman because this is only a 9 months period. One more argument against this prohibition can be the destinies of many stars of the show-business and photo models that were regularly sitting to a camera during the pregnancy and gave a birth to healthy children.

15. It is forbidden to look in the mirror very often.

The thing is in the fact that the mirrors were considered as the entrance to the other world. And a pregnant woman is so sensitive and disturbing; she could draw up evil which could make a harm to a baby and to her as well. But here everything depends on women. The more women are programming themselves for such sad events, the more the probability that something bad will happen. And the thing is not in the frequency of times a pregnant woman is looking in the mirror.

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