Pregnancy – old wives tales and superstitions, prejudices.

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9. A pregnant woman is forbidden to sit at the porch, threshold.

The only reason why it is necessary not to sit there is that if the porch is high, a pregnant woman just can fall, and it is possible that the wind can blow down the back….

10. A pregnant woman should not touch her face because a future baby will have birthmarks of his face.

Well, just imagine for minute, that all women don’t touch their faces during 9 months of pregnancy…this is just not hygienic 🙂

11. A pregnant woman must not sit cross-legged: a baby will be born with curve legs or clubfooted. And… surrounding people must not refuse a pregnant woman in food because she will have very difficult delivery.

Really, during pregnancy it is not desirable to sit cross-legged but this doesn’t have any relation to a possible curvature or clubfoot of baby’s legs. Just in such position of body, the blood circulation is becoming worse and this can lead to the varix dilatation.

In the foundation of this superstition is a fact that a pregnant woman usually wants which her organism demands – and this is necessary for the baby’s health. The most important thing here is – everything is in moderation. Really, a pregnant woman should better follow her wishes concerning food. But this doesn’t have any relationship with the difficulties of the delivery. The organism of the pregnant woman knows better what is necessary on the given moment.

12. It is forbidden to swear in the presence of the pregnant woman – a baby will receive a birthmark.

Nevuses (inborn nevus pigmentosis) is a result of the wrong development of the pigmental cells (melanocytes). They can be not only on skin but also at the surface and inside eye globe. Such marks remind freckles and usually are not changes within the lifespan. The reasons of occurrence of the nevuses were not discovered by the scientists to the end but this is definitely not because the quarrels during the pregnancy 🙂 However, evidently, negative emotions which the woman gets quarreling with somebody are not for her good and accordingly not for a baby’s good. Though, if as a result of the quarrel of the future mother, she will be able to defend her point of view, then, probably, she will have positive emotions which will be very useful during the pregnancy.

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