Pregnancy – old wives tales and superstitions, prejudices.

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5. It is forbidden for a pregnant woman to eat eggs with two yolks or “double” fruits (for example, two accreted carrots). Twins can be born.

The birth of twins or triplets is not correlated with the character of nutrition or eating at all. This is just another prejudice.

The number of babies which will be in the family depends on how many ovules were fecundated at the same time or how the fecundated ovule was divided. After the conception neither nutrition of the pregnant woman nor other factors influence at the fact how many babies will be inside a woman. The single core of sense which can be in this superstition is in the fact that eggs are obligatory allergens and can cause the allergic reaction in future mother’s organism and the predisposition to the baby’s allergy.

6. A pregnant woman cannot eat on the sly: a baby can be born fearful.

The necessity to eat on the sly can appear either during the lack of enough quantity of food or during the usage into the food the “forbidden fruits”, for example, chocolate and oranges which are allergens. And this is, undoubtedly, will not be baby’s good. Besides this, with the usage of the food hastily, the food masses are exposed to the insufficient mechanic processing, the nutrients are digested worse. And this is not correlated with the fearfulness of a baby.

7. The name of the future baby it is necessary to keep in secret.

There is such prejudice that you can think over the baby’s name but this name must be kept in secret till the delivery. This superstition is throwing back to the old times and there it was considered that the evil spirits overhearing the name could make harm to the unborn baby.

8. A pregnant woman should not play with a cat, should not take it, otherwise a baby will have many enemies.

There was discovered the causative agent of toxoplasmosis, the illness which very dangerous for the future mothers, and it is really transferred by cats. A woman can catch this illness and even not suspect of this, however through the placenta the causative agent is penetrating into the baby’s blood flow. Congenital toxoplasmosis is a very serious illness attacking the nervous system of a baby. So, if there is a cat in the house and you cannot or don’t want to give her to somebody for the period of the pregnancy, it is necessary to visit the pet hospital and it is necessary to pass the tests for the presence of the causative agent of toxoplasmosis. Besides, it is necessary to tell the doctor in the maternity consulting centre about your suspicions.

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