Pregnancy – old wives tales and superstitions, prejudices.

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3. Waiting a baby, you should not buy him/her layette and bring baby’s clothes into the house.

It was considered that ready things for still not born baby will go to the evil spirits. Besides, in old days, there was a high level of infant mortality and the things which were ready for a baby, unfortunately, were useless for children.

Actually, this is a prejudice. And vice versa, it is desirable to buy in advance all the necessary things, otherwise at once after coming back from the maternity hospital you will have to run to the shop 🙂 Or you will have to trust this responsible procedure to just brought to light father who often cannot distinguish baby’s bootees from socks. It will be more pleasant for mother to choose thing by herself for her baby than entrust this duty at father or grandmothers.

Pregnancy is overlaying some significant limitations at the lifestyle of a woman. Majority of them is correlated with the necessity to eat properly, to be on the fresh air as much as it is possible, don’t be tired and etc. All these recommendations can be found in any book about pregnancy and they actually important and justified.

So, should a woman overlay at herself some firm limitations and prohibitions which are dictated by the prejudices? It seems to me that not. And if some warning of the “experienced mother” especially sinks deeply into your heart – then consult your doctor, do you actually have to follow it.

4. It is forbidden to tell somebody about the pregnancy.

The reason of this superstition is enough banal. Being concerned of a bad eye, the future mother didn’t not initiate anybody except the closest relatives. According to this reason, women were trying not to tell about the beginning of their delivery. That’s why the midwife went to the house of woman in childbirth through the vegetable gardens as she wanted nobody saw her. It was considered that the less people know about the beginning of the delivery, the easier the delivery would be.

The modern women till this day not rare hide their pregnancy until it becomes noticeable. And the reason for this is not the old wives tales but in the inner feeling of every woman. Very often a woman just feels herself more comfortable if nobody suspects about her positions. This is like a “protective reaction” against outside looks.

However, there are such situations when initiate people into the situation is more useful than holding them in ignorance. When these people know about your state, they will guard you from lifting the weights, cleaning-up and other work about the house. The colleagues will stop asking you about the amount of the food your are eating, why you are so place and so on. And as for the bosses, they will, maybe, free you from the most burdensome work and allow being in more free time-schedule.

And if a woman was waiting for this pregnancy for a long time and her soul is just singing from the happiness and she cannot keep this news inside – so why should not she share her happy news with the friends?

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