Pregnancy – old wives tales and superstitions, prejudices.

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The tales which I tell now, I heard from my friends and their parents and what is the original source – nobody knows…

1. It is forbidden to cut your hair during the pregnancy.

This is one from the most spread myths. The superstition is throwing back into the deep ancient times when the hair was partially saving a person from cold. It was considered that exactly in the hair there was concealed the life strength of a person. With hair it was also correlated a huge number of prohibitions in general: it was forbidden to throw them to the wind after combing out; it was allowed to cut, wash and comb hair only in certain days.

To part with hair meant to reduce your life forces, shorten your life or deprive yourself of prosperity. But from the point of view of the medicine the haircut cannot make any harm to the women’s health and her future baby. The hormones which are produced during the pregnancy are positively influencing at the growth and structure of hair. That’s why hair becomes strong, thick and silky. Many women mark out that their hairstyles are looking much better. However, if a woman has a short haircut, the prohibition at the attendance of hairdressing salon during nine months can become a serious problem for her. Successful haircut can only improve your mood and a baby will feel himself better as well.

2. During pregnancy, it is forbidden to knit or sew by yourself for your future baby: baby can get entangled in the umbilical cord.

This is associated with the notion of nature of knot. It was considered that knot is tying up the baby’s exit to a world. Strings or ropes were associated with the umbilical cord in which a baby can be entangled. Though, pregnant women like to sew and to knit. And this is not surprising: pleasant, calming down pastime and there is a lot of free time!

It is necessary to mark out that needlework must be done in a comfortable position as the static loading and long being in one position can lead to the reduction of the blood’ coming and nutrients to the fetus. And a fact that a baby is feeling “not comfortable”, will indicating his intensive movements. During sewing or knitting, just necessary to try to regularly make breaks, during which a woman can have a walk or lie down for a while.

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