Negative influence of the television and Internet on the life of our children

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Last time public and the scientists mark out more reinforcement of the negative influence of the mass media on children (and especially Internet and television).

TV set is becoming the main source of the information for children and adolescents.

According to the data of the American medical association, for years which were spent at school, the average child watches on TV 8000 of murders and 100000 acts of the violence. Besides, the researcher made the conclusion that television is propagandizing dissoluteness because in 91% of the episodes which are showing the sexual relation between woman and man, the partners are not in marriage. If an adult can critically assess all this television’s production and separate the virtual reality from real reality, then a child often perceives all these television schemes as the plan for imitation in real life and step-by-step the criminal style of thinking is formed. If you were treated badly – you should kick back and annihilate the offender, and if you understand that you cannot achieve something to which you are aiming with the legal methods, then it’s ok if you overstep the bounds in something, and if you are rich and strong – there are no any laws for you….And as the result children are getting accustomed to such scenes and there is a formation of the notions that the main way of the solving of the majority of the problems is violent and there is the formation of enough strange ideals and images for imitation. The data of the sociological research show that 5% of young people are aiming to copy the behavior of the heroes from the television, 37.3% of young people are ready to perform unlawful actions while imitating their television heroes.

Especially it is dangerous to show films with the scenes of the violence or the lechery and aggressive cartoons for small children. These children cannot critically assess what they saw and they try to realize this in life. For example, when two-year-old children watched “Tom and Jerry”, after it they began to beat each other with the help of the small stools which were in the room, imitating the heroes. And some children can take hammer and knife like the heroes of these cartoons and beat other child or even adult. 4-year-old child began to beat with his cams his relatives after watching “Matrix” as he saw that good Neo for a long time was fighting with bad “uncles”.

The scientific researches prove the negative influence of the television at the rising the level of crime. In particular, there was determined that the level of crime in any country is rising in 10-15 years after the occurrence in it of the television with the elements of violence and aggression. Another famous expert in the origin of informational space Boris Potyatinik gives the facts of the repeated growth of the adolescent crime which was going across with the coming of television. So the research of the certain regions in the Southern Africa and Canada, which because of the political and technical reasons didn’t have television till the beginning of the 70’s of the 20th century, they showed that in 3-8 years after penetration of the television there was a sharp growth of the adolescent crime (in 2-3 times).

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