Life and kind moral people

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Peter Singer said: “The moral point of view requires us to look beyond the interests of our own society” (White, p. 388) and I liked this phrase a lot. With the rapid growth of the population and widening the contacts between people and governments, our world becomes more close and interdependent. So, taking into the account the rights and duties of people, peoples and nations in relation to each other and towards the planet in whole, these rights and duties must be reviewed.

Regardless of our citizenship, place of living or the continent, we are all people and in this sense we are not different from one another. We have common human needs and cares. We all aim to happiness and try to avoid suffering, beyond dependence on our race, religion, sex or social status. All people have the right to aim to happiness, to enjoy world and be free. Being free creatures, we can use our unique intelligence for trying to understand ourselves and the world.

It is possible that the lack of understanding the real reason of happiness is the main factor which makes people cause suffering to other people. Some people think that causing suffering to other people promotes their own happiness, or their happiness is so important for them that the pain which they cause to other people doesn’t have a matter.

It is important to remember that the key for creation of the happier and better world lies in the development of our love and compassion towards other people. This means that we must care more about our sisters and brothers who appeared to be less lucky than we are. Here it is a talk about the universal responsibility. We need to think wider and not only about our private space. Respect of the other people’s rights and feelings must not be just a fairy-tale, we need to reach this through compassion and help. I think that this is necessary base for building of any human society.

We need to donate money if it is necessary for people in need, food, clothes, homes. We must always remember that we are all people and we must help each other.

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