Genes and ethics

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The liberal position

In the book “The workshop of the human body” Kimbrell is writing that many experts consider that today negative attitude towards the usage of the fetuses for the medical goals can be changed very soon. And one of the reasons of these changes is growing influence and actual popularity of the liberal position.

This must be taken into account because it is rather unwisely assessing this or that technology in the isolation from the social context. The technologies are appearing in the certain “intellectual environment” and they are able to form it in future. The liberal ideology by assessing this or that technology through the prism of unconditional value of individual’s rights and rights of progress of the scientific and technical researches, makes up a stem of perceiving and accepting social context.

Ezra Suleiman says that “the state must stay detached onlooker in that place where the thing deals with the scientific researches. The state must not dictate how exactly it is necessary to spread the results of the scientific investigations. Scientists, being the owners of the results of their activity, they know themselves what results should be done the property of the general public. There must not be any interruption into the determination of the directions of the scientific searches or implementation of the control for the application of the scientific discoveries. Interfering in the thing of science, the state is able to turn it from the objective search of knowledge into the tool of the state ideology”.

This position can be considered by many people as the extreme. However it has the real extreme not on conditions of the state control for security of the biogenetic researches but in conditions of penetration of scientism into the state ideology.

As the example of the extreme position there can be considered the ideas of S. E. Motkov. He considers that pollution of the environment and sharp weakening of the natural selection in the result of the improvement of the medical service of the population and the rise of the life level lead to the growth of the genetic load/burden which leads to the biological degradation of the population in the geometric progression. With this he is referring at the supposition of N. P. Dubin about that the problem of the genetic burden in its actuality can be compared with the problem of environmental protection because the biological degradation was accompanied by the moral degradation – relaxation of will and development of the vicious inclinations (alcoholism, drugs, divorces, suicides, crimes). From the point of view of S. E. Motkov, one of the measures of coming out from the crisis situation is a solid fixation of the idea about artificial selection in the state ideology and politics. State must begin the carrying out the eugenic experiments gradually widening the territories. So, it means there must be citizens’ selection at the basis of the psychological testing, medical examination, data about progress (in schools and universities); artificial insemination at the basis of the selected sperm and so on. The main goal of such activities is the rise of “mental abilities of the population”.

Such attempt of coming out at the biogenetic way of “wellbeing and prosperity of the humankind” is not first and not the last in the culture.

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