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At the beginning of the 21-st century the humanity managed to perform the chain of the colossal discoveries, which attracted a lot of attention. There were decoded the human genome and the functions of all 30000 genes which are inside of it. In some time the publications about all possible experiments in this sphere began to pour at the scientific world – the publications about appearance of genetically modified children, selection of fetuses which are free from genes with the hereditary illnesses, cloning of the human embryos.

These discoveries allowed infertile women to have children thanks to the symbiosis of defective ovule, husband’s sperm cell and added healthy ovule of the other woman. It is also known such case of providing conception of the child who is free from the gene causing cancer. Fecundation of the ovules was in test tubes. The fetuses were examined and three healthy fetuses were returned to uterus. A healthy boy was born. Not less interesting and questionable were other procedures also. Parents “ordered” a baby who would be the most appropriate donor of the marrow for his elder sister who was suffering from the death anemia. Such baby was “produced” in 2000 and cells which were taken from him, really helped to save his sister’s life. Community was also excited with the message about the first transgenic monkey which has got the gene of jellyfish producing fluorescent protein. The legs of this monkey were shining. Some animals got the human genes.

Evidently, the abilities of the genetic engineering are really fantastic. However all this at once has raised a huge wave of disputes concerning the ethical side of the problem. The ethical side of the experimenting using animals can be omitted because, obviously, the dilemma of acceptability of the performing of the modern genetic and urgent- embryological methodologies to the human is much more of vital importance.

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