Drugs over the life are leading to a slow death. Psychological drug addiction.

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Every person is born free but not everybody can control this freedom. For some people initial freedom of thoughts and actions becomes the subject of endless experiments and the most difficult is the experience of narcotization. What is pushing a person to the acquaintance with the first doze? Emotional experience, environment or curiosity – everybody has his own reasons. But, anyway, this first time rarely becomes the last time. And a person voluntarily gives his life into the power of the circle of interminable sufferings and short moments of deliverance from this pain with another getting of drug.

It is considered that a person primordially can have personality features, addictive features, which raise the probability of susceptibility to dependence from psychoactive substances. The risk of the dependence development appears in person who is possessed of such features of character like rebelliousness with everlasting searching of extreme sensations or the opposite to his subjection or infantilism. Addiction points at behavior abnormalities with which there appears the inclination to the dependence with the aim of going away from the reality.

But anyhow, that initial reason, which pushed a person to receive the first doze, is covered with the variety of inner arguments in favor of continuing the receiving of drug in the next times.

First of all, these are our arguments and waiting, the validity of which we don’t dispute. And if there was initially the belief that drugs must bring the relaxation and pleasure, then the person will wait for this effect from every new receiving of the drug, even if now there is no such satisfaction.

On the other hand, the organization of the person’s activity is based at the positive and negative confirmation. Just with the help of this unsophisticated system there appears the first delineation of psychological dependence. There is no doubt that sweet feeling of euphoria which is based at the changing of thinking, consciousness and perception, is dragging a person. But every new attempt of reproduction of this state has regular occurrence – the doze is increased. And when the drug comes into the metabolic processes, the physical dependence occurs. Then the drug stops to render the euphoria action which is the main effect for reaching. And often just during this period of narcotization a person is trying to stop. Sometimes it can happen, of course, not without the help of special medical establishment. But there is a question why do people even after the treatment, come back to the drugs? And here we can see the third reason of formation of psychological dependence, this is the emotional state. In the sea of negative and negative emotions, drugs become some saving pendulum for a person who is trying to go away from the solving of life difficulties; as it is possible to forget about all problems, moreover it is possible to be in elevated mood without special efforts – only it is necessary to get a new doze of “sedative”. The negative emotions can make a person to resort to drugs at first time, and they also can create the main condition of narcotization as the possibility of the single going out from the life difficulties for a person who decided to refuse to take drugs.

Difficult interweaving of motives, feelings, emotions and character make the psychological dependence so tight and so difficult for correction. And that’s why it is very important from the youth to form the attitude towards different kinds of unfreedom, especially so difficult as the drug addiction.

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