Double standards

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I believe that double standards still exist and they are almost everywhere. I’m sure that this is so foolish of people to accept this notion. This is the prejudice which spoils many lives and label decent people with different rude words.

There are numerous examples where you can see the double standard. For example: People consider that when woman nowadays 30 years old, she is considered to be old (old for many things – for example, to be a photo model or to be hired to a certain position) but man who is 30 years old, he is not old, he is full of energy and he can feel comfortable in many spheres. The next one – a woman who has slept with 20 men, she is just a whore, but if a man slept with 20 women, he is considered to be a pimp. If there is an accident and a woman murders her husband, she is a victim but if a man killed his wife, then he is a murderer. If a 40 year old women screaming for 17 year old boys, this is ok and if a 40 year old man screaming for 17 year old girls, then he is creepy. If an aggressive woman who takes control, she will be considered as a bitch (sorry, but I cannot use here another word), but if an aggressive man who takes control, he is considered to be respected and a good guy. Why when a woman wearing men’s clothing, this is acceptable and if a man wearing women’s clothing, then he is almost all the time considered to be gay. And if we are talking about parents: if a mother goes out and gets hammered with her girlfriends, then she is considered to be a horrible mother and if a father goes out and gets hammered with his buddies, then this is normal and acceptable. Or in order to be in the media a woman must be: physically attractive and talented, and in order to be in the media a male must be talented….Well, there are hundreds of different examples. So, double standards and stereotypes are such notions which must be thrown away to let people live and work with comfort.

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