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Although co-sleeping is considered to be natural, it is recommended only that case if the mother and a baby don’t feel discomfort with this. If parents decided to have their baby in their bed, then it is necessary to follow the following rules of the safe co-sleeping like: there must not be a pillow or a blanket near the baby; a baby must not be between parents; a baby must have his own blanket and diaper. It is possible to use a separate child’s mattress which can help to make the borders between adults and a baby. It is desirable to leave a night lamp switched-on, so a parent will be able to see the position of a baby. If a parent cannot venture to take a baby to his bed but he wants a baby to be closer, then it is necessary to take off the back of the child’s bed and tightly move it up to the parent during the feeding and after that – put down a baby again to his bed but though a parent will be practically close to a child.


The second myth is the child’s dependence from mother.

Many moms are worrying that during the co-sleeping the child’s dependence is rising. From here there is a next question – for how long will the baby stay in the mother’s bed? There is wish to calm down the worrying parents because co-sleeping is not a dependence but one of the main needs at that period of time (a time of a newborn baby). The child’s development can be considered as some chain along the links of which a baby is constantly moving. And sleeping near the mother is one of such links. If a parent wants his baby grow as a self-confident, it is not necessary to try to define the events but just necessary to qualitatively satisfy his main needs. As they say, everything has its time.

The third myth is co-sleeping up to school.

Parents decided to sleep with a baby in one bed and in several years they begin to worry that a small “colonist” will not be in a hurry to leave the parents’ bed. There are so many different thoughts here, but parents, of course, don’t want co-sleeping till the school. And in this case, parents should not hurry. As a rule, after two years children have the first fears – and in the given case – the fear of darkness and loneliness. That’s why a baby, who is sleeping with his parents, is passing this period much easier. A little bit later (from 2,5 -3 years old) a child has a new period “I’m myself” and during this period a child can declare to his parents that he wants to sleep in his own bed.

Not so long ago carrying a baby in hands and co-sleeping were considered to be the necessary conditions for descendants’ survival…Nowadays, taking into account the relative safety of the existence, the proper care is, first of all, the condition of the harmonic development of the child.

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