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In February 1997 the biomedical science fixed the fact of the artificial creation of the mammal. Sheep Dolly is the genetic copy of her mother, received by the way of the cloning.

The modern culture with the notion “cloning” is connecting the technology of reproduction of the living organisms, in the result of which the identical individuals can be received from the one cell. The new technology is logically connecting (uniting) the methods of the artificial fecundation “in vitro” and genetic “projecting” or modeling of the heredity.

In other words, if the fight for the possibility of life appearance is realized with the help of the artificial fecundation, and with the help of genetics they try to solve the question about its quality (for example, disposal from the incurable illnesses with the help of molecular surgery), then cloning is “called on” to fight for the possibility of the life appearance with the certain qualitative parameters. 1997 becomes the principle milestone on the way of the realization of idea about creation of the creatures with the specified features with the help of the genetic manipulations at the embryo level.

So, the creators of the sheep Dolly started with the experiments with the human genes. The human’s gene was implanted into the nucleus of the somatic cell of the adult sheep. The result of the experiment is the sheep Dolly – the creature which is able to give healing milk (with the human’s proteins). The experiments give quite concrete answer for the question about the possibility of the human co-authoring of the biological evolution. That’s why they don’t smooth but sharpen the ethical problems. If the experiments in cloning of animals from the somatic cells of the adult organism – this is the realization of dream of the several generations of selectionists, then the realization of dream of which selectionist can become the experiments in cloning of a human being (in duplication of people with the certain set of abilities)? The word “dream” here is not appropriate. In the given sense, there can be a discourse only about intention, with the full preservation of the negative content of this word, because the thing is in the abilities of the pragmatic usage of the human creatures including human embryos.

In the base of the cloning methodology lies the model of bacteria reproduction according to type “dividing” (the dividing of the genetic material occurs inside the cell, then it is the diving of the cell itself, which gives the start for the genetically-identical cells which are called clone). The unique ability of reservation if the genetic identity in the given type of reproduction couldn’t but paid attention at itself of the geneticists and selectionists. As the usual cross breeding (animals and plants-record-holders) was “powdering” their genetic uniqueness.

The first goal of the cloning procedure is to get the stem or undifferentiated, or primary cells. As every cell of the adult organism has a special goal, it is special or differentiated. And for getting the new organism not every cell is applicable which is in the primary, early stage of differentiation.

The second goal is cells’ transplantation: getting the “culture” of the primary cells, removal of DNA from the ovum, getting of the “empty” ovum, putting in the “primary” DNA into the ovum, getting of the embryo.

The third goal is implantation of the embryo into the “surrogate mother” – into the sheep, monkey and etc.

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