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The main idea and goals of cloning

The main goal of the medicine defining the current of the biomedical theory and practice is the release of mankind from the suffering. Medical genetics helps to diagnose and prevent the various number of the genetic illnesses – disturbance of metabolism (phenylketonuria), illnesses of blood (thalassemia, sickle-cell disease, haemophilia).
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In February 1997 the biomedical science fixed the fact of the artificial creation of the mammal. Sheep Dolly is the genetic copy of her mother, received by the way of the cloning.
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Selling medical information

Well, for selling… but did you think what is the main purpose of this selling? Just for having fun or just for receiving money? I don’t think so…Well, selling this data without people’s agreement is not so good but at this moment it is necessary to think that this sold data will bring many new discoveries for the future of people, for the future generation, and it can be even said – for the well-being of the nation or nations.

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Island story

The progress of person’s genetics is opening new possibilities for more individual approach to the supporting of health and to preventive measures and treatment of illnesses.

Genetic and genomic researches together with the results of the project about the research of the human genome gave the new evidence about the deposit of hereditary predisposition to the risk of the illnesses’ development. There were discovered several gene locuses and genes which are correlated with the development of such illnesses like osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and other. These and other data will give strong possibilities for the modern assessment of the individual risk of development of these illnesses and allow to conduct more individual preventive measures and illnesses’ treatment.

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At the beginning of the 21-st century the humanity managed to perform the chain of the colossal discoveries, which attracted a lot of attention. There were decoded the human genome and the functions of all 30000 genes which are inside of it. In some time the publications about all possible experiments in this sphere began to pour at the scientific world – the publications about appearance of genetically modified children, selection of fetuses which are free from genes with the hereditary illnesses, cloning of the human embryos.

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Human genome

The fact that in the research of the human genome the accumulation of the scientific information goes together with the analysis of the social, ethical and law problems which are generated by these researches, is enough noteworthy. This fact engenders the ray of the hope for the future of the mankind which is, in principle, can reveal enough wisdom and not be a subject for self-destruction, thoughtlessly given itself to the freedom of stormy waves of scientific-and-technological advance.

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