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What is the sense? Arguments against the legalization of drugs

Drug enforcement administration is completely against the legalization of drugs as they think that they are very harmful and cause many negative sides of person and society in general.
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Drugs over the life are leading to a slow death. Psychological drug addiction.

Every person is born free but not everybody can control this freedom. For some people initial freedom of thoughts and actions becomes the subject of endless experiments and the most difficult is the experience of narcotization. What is pushing a person to the acquaintance with the first doze? Emotional experience, environment or curiosity – everybody has his own reasons. But, anyway, this first time rarely becomes the last time. And a person voluntarily gives his life into the power of the circle of interminable sufferings and short moments of deliverance from this pain with another getting of drug.
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Drugs is death…

I cannot agree with Daniel Shapiro in his statement that “It is possible that legalizing heroin and cocaine would make its use similar to the current use of cigarettes” (White, p. 303). Does this mean that people will use heroin or cocaine regularly in small doses and there will not be any overdose and there will not be any “wars” to get a dose? We can only hope for this but I think that it will never happen and legalizing will not help in the solving of the drug problems. The main point here is, to my mind, the differences of the influences of cocaine and heroin and cigarettes at the person’s mind. I never heard that people who are smoking simple cigarettes were affected by the cigarettes’ smoke and then went and performed murders. And as for the influence of cocaine and heroin, they have a huge influence at person’s mind.
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