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I have decided to make a small research and to read some additional information about the stereotypes of the co-sleeping. As some books mark out, there are such known stereotypes of co-sleeping….and what is the history of the prejudices and stereotypes…
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The work of time-out

The method of time-out doesn’t change early planning of the tactics of training to rules, creation of the favorable environment; doesn’t free a parent from so necessary demonstration of responsiveness and attention in all cases of good behavior.

2-year-old children, for example, are not against trying parents’ patience by their bad behavior. No understanding, no training and analysis of the child’s psychology will not deliver parents from the necessity from time to time with an effort stop the naughtiness.

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Sleeping together or not

How should a newborn sleep – with mother or separately?

Everybody knows very well how a healthy and strong sleep is important for a person. And so what shall we say about a newborn baby who is 14-18 hours a day in this state? A baby is sleeping and growing…A baby can smile, whimper, wake up and weep, and during this time there are many questions in mother’s head.

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When people talk about children’s sleeping separately, they are talking here, for some reason, about SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome. There is such a tendency that many children were falling asleep and never wake up. The scientists call this phenomenon SIDS. The number of the cases of the sudden infant death was rising and the scientists don’t know the reason for this notion till nowadays. Hypothetically, the reason for this notion can be interaction of the physiological peculiarities of the given baby in aggregate with the stressors in the environment, like, for example, mother’s smoking, feeding with the artificial mixtures and mother’s sleeping at the belly. The opinion letter about the death from SIDS can be given only after dissection and full toxicological analysis when all other possible reasons of the death are excluded. Nowadays, SIDS is a diagnosis which is set up with the help of the method of exclusion of two other reasons of death.

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My thoughts about Sandwich generation

After watching the videos and doing some activities, I realized that to be inside the Sandwich generation is a real hard job and sometimes it is necessary to be so brave and patient to overcome all the difficulties which can accompany this caregiving.

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Aging and the end of life

I want to be in my own age, age of 37. People could say that I’m not young anymore and the old age is so close. But…this is not true. I want to be in my age and not some other age because, as I think, I have enough life wisdom and experience, I had so many happy moments in life which I will not forget. I don’t want to be younger because the problems which I have already had, they’d cover me again. And in my case, I had to overcome so many difficulties in my life and I did it with success, not always but mostly with success. It was too difficult for me to raise children alone but anyway I’m happy that I have my angels and that I’m strong due to all these difficulties. I really like my age. I’m still attractive, in enough good shape, I’m healthy and in a good mood. I’m always trying to be optimistic even in rainy days. I want to live a long life but I don’t want to become senile, I want to control myself and the situation around me, I want to be able to solve all my problems myself without any help. Well, if my children help me – this is so pleasant, but this doesn’t mean that I cannot do this myself (in particular now). But on the other hand, why being old is bad? It is not at all. You will not have to work, you will not have to worry about some serious things, you’ll just sit down in your chair and watch TV or just go swimming, or just go for a walk for the whole days without poignant thoughts that you must cook for your children at this time and you must launder for your children….everything a person will have to do is just do what he wants to do and when he wants to do. Old age can have one serious negative side – bad health. But if you are doing your exercises every day and keep being a lively person, your health will be good and your physical shape will be no worse than some other people.
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