Will is the ability to gather the forces to gain your goals. The power force component of the personality, the ability some time to move on your wishes, some time to govern your wishes, in any case this is the ability to overcome the force by the force straightly and point-blank. The indicator of the quantity of the will is the will power, quality of the will is the virtue (courage).

In different situation will receives different names. Its names are courage, resolution, self-discipline, faith in you, and all this is the way of the overcoming, the way of war – the way of will.

The will is becoming apparent only there where there is a struggle (war) – external or internal. External war is the opposition to the surrounding world, “punching of your line”. Interтal war is the war, for example, of body and mind, soul and mind, the controversy of “I want” and “I need”. If a person lives in peace with himself and people around him – he doesn’t need a will.

But if there are some obstacles in front of the person, they can be overcome with the help of force, straightforwardly, or being flexible and artful. The way of will is the overcoming of the obstacles by force directly or point-blank. Will is acting straightforwardly, this is the line of the “strong man” and very often it is the men’s approach. And as for women – the way of being flexible and artful. But this is not always and not for everybody.

Will is organizing our behavior, makes it consistent and purposeful, but it is wrong to think that every person who behaves consistently and purposefully, is the strong-willed or volitional. No, will is the behavior of the strong man, but purposeful behaviour can have other mechanisms. You can organize yourself not only by your will.

Sometimes there is a will without mind, and sometimes there is a mind without will. Mind needs will to realize in life its wise decisions; strong will needs the addition with the help of mind to be not just a simple hollow obstinacy.

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