Prejudices, biases, sterotypes…. all of them are somebody else’s opinions, judgements which we believe without additional checking. Firstly, because they are, for the first glance, look smoothly and plausibly. Secondly – because we apprehend them in our own way. We also begin to perceive them as a product of the collective national wisdom without thinking about the fact what is the reason of the appearance into the world of this or that prejudice.

How can you know the prejudice? First of all, the basic prejudices are coming to us in a ready state from the somebody’s mouth: “all men are goats”, “solarium is harmful”, “if a man is jeleous, it means, he loves you”. So, if you cannot find the examples and counter plea to such statement, be happy, it means, you have a ready prejudice. Secondly, overwhelming majority of the prejudices differ by their double amplitude of the generalization. There are no exceptions in the prejudices for anybody. If the lawyers are liars – then, all, without exceptions. If a woman is a blonde – so, you can see from your back that she is stupid. Is all this right? Does everybody think so?

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