Mass media

In the conditions of difficult socially-economical processes which are taking place in the society during the last 15-20 years, the educational functions of family and school have noticeably decreased. Communication of parents with children moves on to sidelines. Hence there is an increased influence of mass media at the process of the socialization and formation of the world outlook of growing up generation. Mass media often substitutes for parents and they present us the results which are not always can be foreseen or correct.

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For example, the specialists counted that preschoolers, at the average, watch TV during 4 hours each day. And during all school years young people spend 15000 hours in front of TV sets. And during this period of time, they see approximately 13000 cases of the violent death.

TV is telling or showing a child more “messages” than parents, friends or teachers do this, and enough often children trust these messages not less, and sometimes even more than their relatives. And modern TV, with the aim of paying attention of the wide public and for getting more profits from ads, it is inclined to transmit the violent or erotic plots waking up the lowest human’s instincts.

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