Sometimes you can feel that you are unhappy and begin thinking about the past and the circumstances which were surrounding you at that moment.
Such negative emotions as a constant depression, sadness or grief, cause a feeling of despair and incredible self-pity. You want to shed tears constantly, you want to complain about your unhappy fate.

Nowadays many people know what it means to fall into a deep depression and feel that aching sadness. Permanent depression is a serious disorder of the human psyche, although many people perceive it as a reality of modern life and treat this with the help of special antidepressants. But these negative emotions can not be cured with the help of pills, their presence indicates serious problems and internal breakdown of a person.

A person can fall into a deep sorrow and depressed state for various reasons: if a misfortune has happened to him or her or someone close to him, problems at work, because of gloomy and cloudy weather, after watching a sad film.

Depression and eternal longing in the soul are dangerous for a person, they not only reduce his vital activity and spoil the mood, but also constant depression and sadness threaten the appearance of serious health problems. In addition, constant depression also contributes to the emergence of dependence on some means of avoiding problems (alcohol, drug addiction, food), also gastrointestinal disorders from constant dissatisfaction with oneself and life, heart problems from tormenting experiences and longing, insomnia from heavy thoughts, problems with the musculoskeletal system from unwillingness and fear to develop and move forward through this difficult life.

Of course, it is not worthy to blame external circumstances in the emergence of depression and deep sorrow. There are many reasons for these negative emotions and all of them are not in external stimuli (which are only an excuse), but inside the person himself. Of course, the reason to mourn – is not in a rainy weather outside the window, not in a quarrel with a loved one, troubles at work or an unexpected pimple on the face. After all, someone can easily perceive such “little things in life,” and for a depressed person – this is the greatest tragedy in life.

Anyway, always hope for the best and don’t give!


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