Drugs are the substances which are able to provoke the state of the happy, joyful intoxication – euphoria, and during the systematic usage – addiction and cruel dependence.
There are many different drugs among which – of the natural origin (marijuana, hashish, opium, hemp) and synthetic (made by the chemical way). Sometimes medicines of the psychotropic group are used as drugs.

What is the drug addiction? This is the state of the chronic intoxication of the organism in which a man feels the irresistible impulse to the drug.

What is the influence of the drug upon a man? A man in the state of the drug intoxication stops feeling of the soul and physical pain, there is a sensation of lightness and comfort. The feeling of lightness is leading to the loss of self-control and the loss of the “reality feeling”. Sometimes there are cases when it seems to a person that he can run out of the window and fly. The state of the drug intoxication continues only during that time when the drug substance is in blood.

Personally me, I am against legalization of drugs and always will be against! This is evil and this is a real beginning of the end of the life. Drugs are for those who don’t value life!

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