Life and death are two eternal topics of the spiritual culture of the mankind. Prophets and founders of religions, philosophers and moralists, art and literature figures, pedagogues and doctors were thinking over them. You can hardly find a person who sooner or later would not think about the sense of his existence, future death and reaching of immortality. Only early childhood or senile marasmus save the person from the necessity of solving these problems.

All the same, there are too many answers for the question “What is life?”.

Every science and every philosophic or religious studies propose their variants of explanations. And there is an impression that none of interpretations of the life sense is convincing till you understand the sense of death.

People are trying to understand the mystery of the human being and solve everlasting questions: What is life? What is death? What will be after death? Can the person prevent death and become immortal? What is reigning in our world – life or death?

Death and potential immortality – is the strongest bait for the “philosophing” mind because all our life things must be measured with eternal. Man is doomed for thoughts about death and this is his difference from animals which is mortal but it doesn’t know about this. The truth is that animals feel the approaching of death, and their premortal behavior very often reminds agonizing searches of solitude and calming.

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Probably, death, in general, is the pay-off for the complication of the biological system. The unicellulars are almost immortal. When organism is becoming multicellular at the certain stage of development, it seems like self-destruction mechanism is embedding in it, which is connected with genome.

During the centuries the best minds of the mankind are trying even theoretically to refute that thesis, to prove and then to embody into life the real immortality. However, the ideal of such immortality is not the existence of the unicellular organism and not the angel life in the better world. From this point of view, a person must live forever, being in the constant full vigor. “Stop, the moment” – this is the motto or such immortality the impulse of which is the “biological vitality”, “life strength”, which is relative to that which “sways the sea, fecundates the animal, covers the tree with the flowers, lights and cancels the stars”. A person cannot resign himself with the fact that exactly he will have to go away from this wonderful world where the life is boiling.

But thinking about this, you begin to understand that death is the single things, in front of which, all people are equal, which erases the inequality at which the earth life is based. And in the given case it is not so important, who is “governing” by the world – God, Spirit, Cosmic Mind, objective reality, the laws of Nature. It is important that the human being must only be conscious of that order and find a gap for the “relative independence” in its bowels, and in this “independence” he will see the sense of his being.

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