Abortion is the breaking of the pregnancy in terms before 28 weeks. The operation of the artificial abortion consists of:

  1. breaking and curettage of the foetus with the help of curet;
  2. breaking and removal of the foetus with the help of the fenestrated forceps;
  3. vacuum-aspiration of the foetus;
  4. vacuum-curet.

During any terms the pregnancy can be broken, it means that the spontaneous abortion will happen. The abortion in the period before 28 weeks of the pregnancy, when the foetus is not ready for the extrauterine life, is devided for early (before 16 weeks) and late (before 28 weeks). Preterm delivery is considered to be between 28th and 37th weeks.
The abortion can be done according to the wish of the woman in terms before 12 weeks (according to the law) and because of the medical indications (artificial abortion).
For so many years the artificial abortion was the almost single way of the “family planning”. The modern methods of contraception let avoiding of this dangerous operation. But even today many women annually make abortion and very often this is their first pregnancy.

Abortion can cause so negative consequences for the woman’s organism which are: menstrual irregularities, possible bleedings between menstruation; possible numerous gynaecological disorders; abnormalities in the work of endocrine and neural systems; bad body resistance.
Abortion is the psychological stress which can lead to the changes of the psyche.


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