Arguments against the moral acceptability of abortion

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The main argument is the fetus is the human being. And as far as the right for life makes up the inalienable right of every human being, then fetus also has such a right. It means, abortion is not permissible from the moral point of view, the abortions should be prohibited and not allowed (only when it is necessary to save mother’s health).
A human being becomes a human being not from the moment of birth but from the moment of conception. And there are also scientific evidences that human fetus in 9 weeks has a face, fingers, intracerebral activity and above all, fetus has genes which keep programmed main features of individuality of a person. “A being with a human genetic code is man”, as J. Noonan states. (White, p. 102) In that case, abortion will never be morally justified in any circumstances. But really “in any circumstances”? No. For example, in cases when there are medical contraindications, when the pregnancy and delivery have a real threat towards mother’s life. Or, for example, such dramatic case when the pregnancy occurred as a result of rape absolutely contrary to the will of woman.

But as I know there are many people who defend such position that there are no any exceptions for abortions or mitigating circumstances. And these people state that abortion is not permissible even if the pregnancy and delivery are dangerous for the mother’s life (for example, where there is an illness of heart or kidneys); and that abortion is not permissible even is the pregnancy occurred as the result of rape. And the argument with this is simple – a baby is not guilty in any of these cases, so why should he suffer? How is it possible to kill an innocent creature which doesn’t have an intention to kill his mother and having nothing to do with the circumstances of conception, and therefore doesn’t bear responsibility and moreover doesn’t deserve such punishment like deprivation of life.

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