Ageism as a prejudice

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I also want to admit that there is a stereotype that the elderly people cannot adapt in the newest technologies and in the innovative word of apples. But nobody said that they cannot be taught. And not all jobs demand twenty-four-hour sitting in front of the computer. They are not small children but they are the workers with the huge life experience.

What is it necessary to do to put in order the “status quo” and eradicate the present state for the future actions? These examples can be not effective but, all the same, for providing the right of the elderly people for the worthy life I want to propose: 1. To raise the responsibility of the employers in the questions of employment and saving the specialists of the elderly age at such working places. Namely, the responsibility right up to the recalling of the licenses for business activities. 2. At the job centers it is necessary to organize the single informative base of data about the specialists of the elderly age (and the informative base will be constantly renewed). For those who wish – rapid courses in teaching skills with the help of the newest technics. 3. It is necessary to assist in generation in the society of the positive, respectful attitude towards elderly people. In mass media there will be more information and social TV commercials which are forming the positive and respectful attitude towards elderly people. 4. It is also necessary to attract the elderly people to the jobs as the consultants and experts in non-government organizations. And during the holding and realization of these or those projects, the on-government organizations will attract the elderly specialists.

What is the interest from this? We’ll improve the attitude towards the elderly people in society, the specialists of the elderly age will get the possibility to save their working places and get new, together with other, without apprehension for their age. Ipso facto (in such a way) we’ll be able to protect their right for the decent life and not to allow the display of the ageism towards them.

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