Ageism as a prejudice

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Ageism is the discrimination of people according to their age indication. It is brightly expressed in all age categories of society. But many people narrow this notion to people of the elderly age of 45-60 years old.

With the development of market economic relations when the rivalry on the labor market is growing and the material income of citizens depends on the presence of job, the elderly citizens more often become the victims of the elderly discrimination, which is the ageism towards them. These are the persons of the third age who have experience and necessary professional skills. Let’s take Russia as an example. According to data of the Russian job center, the persons of the third age, generally, are engaged in jobs with the low remuneration of labor. For example, among security officers, logistics managers, nursemaids and other so called maintenance staff. Only 8 people from 100, they have a job till 60 years old. And in every 3 from 10 ads about vacancies, age is stated. Also, according to statistics, we can see that 160 thousand from 17 million (this is 12% from all population) economically-active population of Russia – 60% and 10 million 296 thousand of people don’t have savings at all. And with this, 54% of them go to the people of the third age.

Job absence is creating the social, economic and psychological problems which lead to the decrease of income. For example, average income of the family in which at least one doesn’t work, makes up only a little bit more than a half of the average remuneration.

Hence the problem is following: the violation of the right of the elderly people for labor and the right for the worthy life. And the right for the worthy life is the possibility to provide yourself with all necessary things. The violation of rights is bereaving from the elderly people the usual setup and leaving them face to face with alienation from active life positions. A risk of poverty is rising. My point of view is that the reason for all this is negative-neglectful attitude towards elderly people. As the analysts state “in society which values the youth, liveliness and physical attractiveness, elderly people are turning into those who are not noticed by anybody”.

Malevolence becomes apparent from the side of employers. For example, during the layoffs of the people, the choice is falling upon exactly the people of the third age. They, at the best, can find the job of the gardener, logistics managers, cloakroom attendants, cloakroom workers, cleaner in offices with a small salary.

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