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“Mommy, I just want to fit it!” a short story about a girl Joy, her mother Vivian and their family. They are the immigrants from Africa. I think the key points of the story are difficult life of black people, struggle for their not losing themselves, surviving among injustice, prejudices about black women, discovering of self-identity, showing their individuality, race and gender in particular.

Vivian tells how difficult it was for little Joy to live with feelings that she is a social outcast and to fight with this.

Joy is trying to do her best to fit in the environment where she is living. She is trying to make friends, to be liked by people. Joy is very patient, kind girl who makes the efforts to be accepted by white children. She had to deal with her looks and her appearance. She is even changing her manner to speak. It was very difficult for her to see and feel all that pressure from white children’s side. But she is doing everything to be in a good odour with “white” and not be called “big nose” or “troll hair”.

There are many people who, all their lives were brought up to believe that black people are of lesser standard, outcasts. Here the racism is shown that the belief that the white race is the primary determinant, example for human traits and capacities, that white people have superiority and the road for black is almost closed.

TV programs and other media reports about blackness, African American, inequality and social discrimination are confusing little Joy but she is continuing to struggle to overcome all these prejudices and stereotypes.

Racial stereotypes and the discrimination are very painful for children’s perception and it is very significant for them not to lose self-respect, not to give up, struggle with social injustice, bullying and reach the outlined goal in life.

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