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From my personal experience in life, I witnessed bullying at school, and for example, in my own class. We had a girl Juliya, who was the tallest girl not only in our class but in the whole school, she was even taller than the school children from the senior classes. Everybody was teasing her, she really became a victim of bullying. She was very smart and she had all A’s for all the subjects, but this doesn’t influence at the attitude of the other children. The picked up her personal feature, her height and her height didn’t let her live normally. Boys were teasing her, pushing, and they tried to beat her one day, I interfered. I was like a tomboy and was really respected among boys. I cannot say that the boys were afraid of me, but they were listening to my advice, they didn’t do something when I told that it was wrong….Strange thing, but I like that. So, at that day, when our boys decided to beat Juliya, I stopped this forever. In answer – I beat one of the boys and they were really in shock that I did it. This violent action from my side made them think that day that it doesn’t matter who you are and what is your height, but you deserve respect and normal attitude.

I also would like to tell you about the example of bullying from the books which I have read. These examples of bullying in general were correlated with the race of the person.

“The lower-working-class narrative of a Black Chinese American girl” is a story about poverty and race. A girl is describing her identity, her understanding of being biracial and the ways of surviving in a strict-to-her world.

Her thoughts were about that she came into this life carved out of poverty and half Blackness. She had grown up half Black and poor and had felt ashamed of herself. She thought that she became unwanted, dusty half-breed girl from the other side of the tracks. Being half Black means having thicker blood and bones to withstand breaking, and eyes with a raw, wide-open perspective. Being poor is knowing how to make old milk and some bread go pretty far over the course of a week. Being a woman is learning from a young age what you can get in return for sex. Here is the example of bullying again because of the peculiarity, because of the color of her skin.

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