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The reason of bullying can become unsolved conflict which would worsen with every next time, more and more. That, which could be solved by displaying the patience, it overgrew into the situation in which there found out “who is right and who is guilty”. And some general humiliation of a worker can be caused by the oppressive atmosphere at the working place (in the office), which demands to find its “whipping boy” but also, of course, the desire of power over the other colleagues which was provoked by the personal envy and some fears.

Such open pressure every time is reducing the victim’s self-confidence and it is becoming the reason for the constant stress and headache, and, naturally, it is making the life absolutely unbearable and nightmarish. The majority of people, who became the victims of the bullies, has the worsen health which leads to their dismissal from the job voluntarily.

And what are the real reasons? The reasons are bullies – people who are irresolute and under this mask there is his weakness and inconsistence. Many people are having “brotherhood” with the bullies only not to become victims themselves and in such a way they are trying to protect against mockeries and any displaying of humiliation.

A bully in the office is becoming a person who was a conflict child in the childhood and pugnacious fellow; he was not characterized by the mental and physical abilities and attracted the general attention and “respect” to himself only at the expense of humiliations of the weaker children.

There can be the following advice to the victims: to keep a diary – such method can help to analyze the situation and see the own error and mistakes; it is necessary to try to talk with the offender and find out the reasons of his such behavior and try to improve the situation; a friendly support – it is very important to find a person who will support morally and give necessary advice and even who can defend in the certain situation. One should not experience this problem in the loneliness, it is necessary to speak about it and somebody will help!

I have seen bullying many times in my life and this bullying was among children and among adults, among “black” and “white”, among “tall” and “short” people.

And as I noticed some special peculiarity of a person can make him famous and popular or vice versa – outcast and a victim of bullying.

Culture, race, ethnicity, physical or physiological peculiarities can become the subjects for bullying.

This discrimination of people concerning their personal features is a difficult and serious topic which is discussed in nowadays news, it is described in books, you can see this everywhere.

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