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The people who are weaker feel the demonstrations of the aggression, people who are not able to stand up for themselves and repulse a charge in time. The victim of this notion can become both a child and an adult. The reason of such behavior is the opportunity to assert oneself at the expense of somebody and in such a way a bully deserves the general authority. One should not underestimate this problem and with its first display it is necessary to help a person to open, to support him and find the reasons of the outer terror from the side of the other person or a group of people.

The most wide-spread kinds of bullying are school bullying and a bullying at the working place.

Concerning the bullying at school we can say that the people of the same age for the mockeries, jokes and humiliations prefer those people who are the most vulnerable, for example, people with the defects of speech, cast in the eye or strabismus, or with lameness. Bullies are choosing absolutely any feature which distinguishes them from the victims. From the side of parents it is important to support a child and encourage to a talk about this problem, because he can become withdrawn and experience this difficult period of life in loneliness. It is clear that all children are different but allowing offending even once, a child will be constantly standing the offences. That’s why it is necessary to explain him/her that there always be the conflicts in life and their outcome depends only on his deeds (actions) in this situation. And the influence of these conflicts at the life of the child will depend on his attitude and ability to solve them.

So, there were performed many researches and as the result of which, it was determined that children who were not on time provided with the psychological and moral support, they performed suicides at the basis of the school bullying.

And concerning the bullying at the working places…Like children, adults also are subjected to such notion from the side of their colleagues who are expressing their aggressive behavior towards them by constantly humiliating, mocking at them and outraging them. Those who are subjected to such kind of animosity, they more than often know their work very good, they have perfect professional knowledge, inclinations and abilities, and they are characterized by the intellectual development.

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