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And in addition, very often there are some social-economical factors are behind the bullying, for example, social and ethnical inequality. The boys from the poor families are venting the frustrations at more successful peers making then experience fear and at the same time a feeling of their inferiority in the comparison with the stronger, more courageous, out of control and tough apparitions from the lower strata.

Practically in all countries and ages the bullying is more spread among boys than among girls. And this is not a simple naughtiness and roughness but a special form of the interactions.

The gender features of the bullying are connected not so with the high aggressiveness of the boys as themselves but so with the peculiarities of the boyish physical aggression. Numerous cross-cultural researches show that the more vigorous boys are successful with girls, the more often they have the dates with them and they gain the sexual experience much earlier.

The one of the most important patterns of the bullying is that the attitude towards it from the side of children is changing with the age. The index of the popularity of the teenager in his natural environment is correlated with the prosocial and antisocial behavior. With the age and in more “street” environment the popularity of the bad boys“ is rising. In comparison with the school children, bullies have more friends, a higher sociometric range and more success with the girls. And as the bullies are choosing the same aggressive friends, the bullying not rare become the group activity. This is hardening the resistance to it from the side of the separate individual promoting the criminalization of the common atmosphere in the class, school.

The bullying exists not only among children but also among the teachers and the pupils. Some teachers abusing their power humiliate children and even beat their pupils and the other are subjected to the bullying from the side of the pupils.

Even comparatively harmless school bullying has very dangerous long-term consequences. American psychologists determined that bullying and victimization are generating serious personal problems like anxiety and depression, the disorders of nutrition, low self-respect and dissatisfaction with the school. Child’s victimization during the school years is often accompanied by the high shyness and low trust to people in the student age.

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