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Bullying is the global and mass notion. There is no data about the numbers of victims but I have made some additional research and found out that, for example, according to 1200 children, 48% were subjected to the bullying, 15% – not once, children who were bullying themselves – 42% and with this 20% – many times. According to the data of the world-wide known psychologist Dan Olveus, In Norway 11% of boys and 2,5% of girls admitted that they were bullying. Among the interviewed pupils in 1995 from the 558 schools only 20% didn’t face the bullying. And according to the American psychologist Anthony Pelligrini (1998) 7-15% are bullies, 2-10% are victims. The numbers can be really different. Some people call bullying serious acts of aggression and the other – any threats and humiliations without which any the most peace-loving society cannot exist. But all the same it is absolutely clear that here is the thing which is mass and very serious.

Usually bullying is the aggressive and negative behavior which is displayed regularly; it happens in the relationships the member of which has not equal powers; this is the behavior which is deliberate. And there are also several types of bullying – direct, physical and indirect which can be also called a social aggression. This behavior has its age, sex (gender) and other psychological patterns.

Very often the talk is about the relationship which is in the children’s environment but bullying not rare is practiced in the adult environment as well. Behind this there is not only inequality of physical forces but also the misbalance of the power which allows to one child to subordinate the other child and with such interaction between two and several children repeatedly reiterates during the long period of time. The persistent acts of the verbal and physical aggression which are directed at the same victims, are creating the steady relationships between them (in which bullying at one pole is developed by the victimization at the other pole). This specific form of aggression is especially typical to the middle childhood and for the younger teenagers, it is always directed against the same children. During the moving from one school to another , bullying is become weaker somehow but for some children – this is a steady personal trait and its form of the display are changing with the age.

So, what are the features of the bullies? Bullies are feeling a great necessity to rule and oppress other pupils by achieving their goals in such a way; they are very impulsive and easily go crook; they often behave aggressively and provocatively towards adults including parents and teachers; they don’t feel compassion towards their victims; if these are boys, they usually are physically stronger than other boys.

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