Abortion is the death of fetus. Who has the right to kill?

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The topic of abortion is very interesting for me and I was reading a lot about it when studying psychology. So, I’ll tell different thoughts of different people and then go on about Warren’s position.

Where, from what moment in the continuous process of development and transformation of living matter we can state with confidence – here and now the man begins? From what moment does a living creature (who earlier was only the fragment of nature) begin to be recognized in a quality of one of us, in a quality of the member of the moral community, who has certain chain of rights and, first of all, the right for life.

Does the commandment “don’t kill” have the restrictions? If yes, then what are they?

There are many thoughts in the world about these questions and there are many disputes as well.

There is such position that before the moment of natural birth a woman has the full right to make a decision about making the abortion and the doctor must provide the realization of her right. Unborn fetus is not considered to be the human personality in any sense, and therefore this fetus is not a member of the moral community. The right for life is not expanded at unborn fetus and therefore this fetus doesn’t have quality which could not commit other people to abstain from the actions which are eliminating his existence. Consequently, abortion is not a killing/murder in any sense. The status of not human creatures (the fetuses which were aborted) is examined exceptionally in behalf of the third persons. Actually, the prohibition of abortions is unacceptable because it limits the rights of a man, in particular – mother. The fetus is not admitted as a man and it doesn’t have rights.

There is another position. There is a view that the transformation of the natural creature into the human personality is carrying out gradually in the process of development from conception to birth. They believe that the fetus in the process of shaping, it is accumulating the “volume” of its humaneness and therefore the “volume” of the right for life. If we divide the pregnancy to 3 equal parts, then during the first three months the volume of rights which the fetus has, it is minimal and these rights can be overtopped by social and economical interests of the mother. During the last 3 months this volume is very significant and the mother’s interests can overtop the fetus’ right for life only if there is a explicit threat for the mother’s life. Of course, the question is not in the calendar age but in the degree of development of human qualities. Making decision about abortion in the middle of the pregnancy is really difficult. Here there are many disputes about the rights of mother and the fetus. As the fetus has already certain volume of human rights, then abortion can be classified as the killing of the innocent.

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