“Life does not cease to be funny
when people die any more than it
ceases to be serious when people laugh.”
George Bernard Shaw

Death…What do you think about death? Is it the ending of the life or is it its beginning? Somebody thinks that after death you appear in a better world without pain and tears, without suffering and different life problems… And other people think that death is the end of everything…

Soul leaves body

Some people are eager to die because they have done so many bad things and hurt so many people and their consciousness doesn’t let them live normally in this world… And other people don’t want to die and they are so afraid of death… They want to live and to watch after their children’s lives, their grandchildren, they want to see new technologies and the wellbeing of the new world without wars and killings.

This site will represent you the material about some facts of death and people’s attitudes towards it. You’ll find it interesting to share your thoughts here. You are welcome to do this! Please, share you experience with us and how did you cope with it.

It is always important to remember that death is so close to everybody every day and it is extremely significant to value every minute of this life on this planet, we must respect and value life because only because we are alive, we can do good things and create new possibilities to the next generations.

Happy Family

Life is too short to waste it, don’t you think so?

So, let’s examine what do different people and nations think about death and dying!

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